The Mark is a very old order, the third largest order in Freemasonry, and traces its origins to the same period of history as the development of the Craft and Holy Royal Arch.

It enjoys royal patronage: H.R.H. Prince Michael of Kent is our Grand Master.

It benefits from a magnificent headquarters, Mark Masons’ Hall: the London club for Mark Masons.

It is said by many to be their favourite order; new Mark Masons often say that they wished they had joined the Mark years before. There is an emphasis on the social side of Mark Masonry.

The Mark is an inclusive order; and admittance is open to all Master Masons irrespective of faith and cultural background.

Mark Masonry has its own registered charity, the Mark Benevolent Fund (MBF), which does outstanding work in providing speedy support to members, their families and non Masonic worthy causes.

It creates a sense of belonging to the Mark family, which has an aim of promoting harmony, friendliness and enjoyment